Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We saw the cutest thing...

...at the dog park the other day. No it wasn't a puppy, or two dogs playing and prancing - though that is a cute image. No what had my little heart going "AWW!" was watching a little girl, no more then three walking her dog at the park. He was a big guy but kept looking back at her as she trotted along beside him with the hugest grin I have ever seen on a child! She was sooo proud of herself and he was so in tune with his little girl owner. I am kicking myself for not having my camera on me.

It made me very happy to see that he was so well behaved and very careful to not tug. He completely ignored the other dogs that were running about and kept an eye on her. Not that her parents weren't either, they were right there just in case. That also made me happy to see a family out having fun with their dog and being responsible. It makes me glad that I have this dog park nearby where for the most part everyone keeps an eye on their dog.

I've read some horror stories on other peoples blogs about off leash parks and yeah I originally and foolishly thought that all these horrible stories were because these parks where in the states. Why? Cause I never had a bad experience with Wilson at a dog park before I had started reading other peoples dog blogs. I'm Canadian, we say sorry even if it was our foot that got stepped on.


This is sooo wrong, our parks up here can be bad too. I've had and have seen some bad things at other parks when I went to visit them. I am thankful that I never went to any of these parks before I started going dog crazy and doing lots of reading and studying of body language, I'm thankful for this park close to me where a adorable little girl can walk her big dog through an area with lots of dogs and their owners and have nothing happen. I'm so happy that there are people out there that take care of their dogs and what to do things with them as a family and that the park I go to is in an area where most of the population are responsible dogs owners.

Where I have never seen: a person let their dog go into the park and sit in the car letting their dog become chaos incarnate.

Little dogs walking around on their own with no owner in sight.

Dog fights (I have seen dog arguments but never dogs fighting and trying to make the other bleed)

and etc.

Opps, my little post has turned into a rant. If your still reading sorry, this rant surprised me too =). Clearly I'm very lucky and very happy at how lucky I am! I hope that everyone can find a good dog park, just like I hope everyone can find a good groomer and a good vet office!

Here's a picture my Aunt took of Wilson and her kids while we were at the dog park a few days ago. And oh yeah, ps we are back home!! Wilsons very happy about it!

Replies to last post.

@ itsmebuddy I miss you too buddy! Wilson likes to think he knows cats but his cat Mindy sure proves him wrong often!

@ Jessica from YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner Oh yes! haha I'm sure they were wishing they could jump like Lenon could! There was much dislike for the babygates.

@ Max the Quilt Cat I always read your blog even if I don't comment! But thanks I have missed you too, and yes lol. I've been talking to some people and they all say thats typical of a cat. Guess I don't know them as well as I thought I did, but then again- who really knows cats?

@ jen Yes! It makes me very happy to see some sign of progress, even if it was a little one!

@ Schnauzer Days Nice to meet you as well!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The cat is Crazy!

Wilson is not so much a dog hater, its more he doesn't know what to do with dogs. Meeting dogs that show aggression or extreme excitability (Like our black curly poodle friend Dexter) is what tips him into crazybarkbarker barkbarksnap mode. See here? Cold hard evidence that if a dog is cool calm and collected around Wilson then all is (mostly) well!

Speaking of Dexter! He and Wilson played last night! It was only for 5 seconds before Wilson chased him off but I was so excited after it had happened I raise my hands into the air and yelled "SCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!". Which cause two dogs and the cat to stare at me like I was an alien.

And speaking of the cat...He's a little weird. Iv'e always have had cats and I'm used to their catty-ways but Lenon is just a whole new thing for me. Maybe its cause he never had any rules to follow and is allowed to do anything and everything, maybe its just cause he get bored easy or maybe its because he is just plain BONKERS!!

Why do I claim he's crazy? Well last night I was crocheting and I had put up the baby gate to keep both dogs in eye range. This is so I don't have to deal with Dexter peeving Wilson off to the breaking point in another part of the house and my dog getting charged with doggie murder. (Don't worry, I'm just joking. Wilson isn't that bad). Hearing a sound I look up and witness Lenon jumping over the baby gate. Not just once, or twice but over and over and over and over. Both dogs had picked different spots and sat watching this cat repeatedly jump the baby gate with the focus of someone watching a really good movie.

And he kepted doing it untill I stood up to grab my camera. After giving me a look of disgust he then walks over and jumps up onto the TV stand and started to dooze. So I stand by what I have said, the cat is crazy.