Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Bum Leg wont get in the way of Spring Fun

At least I would like to think so. I miss being able to do stuff with Wilson, just as I am more then sure he misses being able to do things. Therefore a few days ago I decided to sit outside and place him on my lap so he could enjoy the smells that the breeze was blowing, all without having to use his leg.

He loved it! And I loved just watching him sniff for over an hour. I can't wait for Wilson's leg to get better!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One visit to the vet later...

And there is something wrong with Wilson's back right leg, his knee to be exact. Maybe all the spring time fun we have been having together caused it, maybe it was because he was badly bred (his back legs are bowed) or maybe it was something else. I'm not sure and our vet isn't sure either =(.

I noticed that something was wrong when Wilson randomly whined, and my mother and me had noticed oh a walk that the way Wilson walked seemed somehow different but assumed it was because of a stick that I discovered stuck in his fur. I then went into panic mood worried that it was his back after I heard him whine as he was stretching.

After phoning the vet to make an appointment I ran to the Internet and looked up more on dachshund spine problems and teh common symptoms. Almost none seemed to fit, I calmed down a little but still worried.

One vet trip later and Wilson has been sentenced to kennel rest for two weeks in the hopes that his knee will heal without the stress of him running with it. No walks, no playing with me or the cat, no nothing that could stress the knee. 14ish hours of resting his knee a day. The pup gets to be toted around like a little chihuahua when I do need to move him (to go to the bathroom) for the next two weeks.

He also has to take an anti-inflammatory medication and a light tranquilizer. The tranq is for when I have to be at work. Wilson gets very anxious when he is left in his kennel when no one is home so the tranq helps him stay calm so he can rest.

Its already been four days and both me and Wilson miss the days of walks, play time and our training sessions. He keeps giving me his sad face. Poor boy!