Thursday, August 25, 2011

Re learning the potty/apartment living update.

I have gracefully given up on pee pads and a newly bought potty patch, as per everyone's suggestion. Wilson just looks at them in confusing and holds it in till I break down a few hrs later and take him out as I mentaly tell myself that I am a good owner over and over. Your right, I should be happy with Wilsons need to only use grass, so thank you to everyone that posted and offered help or encouragement when I asked. So what if I have to carry him down flights of stairs more then twice a day so he can go? Really how is that harming me asides from forced exercise that I probably need? Dread dread dread winter time though, but me and the pup will cross that bridge when we come to it.

This apartment living is a new experience, I'll give you that. Wilson has just started to be calm and not bark like a dog gone crazy when he hears someone coming home next door. But maybe its cause he got tired of me, his mama, spraying him with a water gun when he goes into his crazy gunshoot barking modes. And yes, I do spray him but just for training purposes. If he barks and I te him ok thanks for the warning bark now stop, and he doesn't stop and completely loses himself in the barking then he gets water spritz at him. I'm kind of suprised that its been working. But enough blabber! Here's a cute Wilson picture.