Saturday, June 26, 2010

You'll Be Missed, Gorgeous Sheba.

Sheba was one gorgeous pooch, and all the pictures I could find doesn't do her looks justice and even our Wilson knew it. He may have barked at her, but he was wagging his tail to let her know that he agreed that she was a very pretty lady.

Everyone in Wilsons family will miss her, just as we know that her mom and her little dog brother Fergus will miss her much more.

She was a great old dog and her mom Jayne always have so many great stories to tell us about Sheba's life. Such like times where even large dominant dogs like Rottweiler's would bow to Sheba and listen to her, or days where the backyard stunk so bad because Sheba liked to bury less-then-fresh leftovers and forget where she left her treasures. She lived the good life and shared her joys with all.

Sheba was there when we needed someone to be patience with Wilson and his loud barking, so we like to thank her and her mom for all they have done.

Goodbye Sheba.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm Famous and ready to go camping!

Todays veerrryyy busy around the house. Mom has been packing and digging strange new stuff up from the dark basement. What is this camping thing that the family is talk about? All this work just for this camping... Guess I'm going to find out since we are leave soon. Not all of us are going though, Mom says that Mindy is staying behind to watch over the house and uncle Teighe. Which is good I suppose since he needs to be watched but I'll miss my complicated friend, and I will not see her for two weeks. Sad face. I hope camping doesn't hurt, or that its not something like the cone...The cone was on for almost two weeks too....Uggh, the cone. That was undignifying that was. But I digress from the real important tail wagging news that I wish to share!

A locate pet store has dedicated a section of their store to the ruggedly handsome me! Now everyone that shops there will be able to have a chance to look at a picture of me and all my favorite things! Here is a look at my area, Mom says forgive her if the picture looks weird and bright, the flash decided that it wanted to go off. And just in case you wanted to see my picture a little bit better (which come on! You really do!) Here is my pretty mug shot too.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Your Looking at a Graduate!

Your looking at a proud graduate! A good looking one at that. I don't need dresses and makeup to look this good folks! I past my first training course and got to meet and know a few dogs over the past few weeks too! And I didn't bite a single one. As Mom would say, REJOICE!

I got to bark at them a whole lot..... But Anyways! I got to be friends with Sissy, a smooth hair dachshund too. Excitement! Her mommy had better tasting treats then my mom did though. Mom says thats because she gives me healthy treats, of all the nerve.....Those bacon thingies that Sissy got where gooood.

Anywho, it was great and I had a lot of fun and can't wait for the next level training course in a few weeks.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Adventure in a Water Fountain

Mom and G-Ma took me for a walkie yesterday..... What I thought was a normal day turned into a new experience and I got kinda wet. I'm sure moms glad that I don't smell so bad when I'm soaked, I know I am and I know Mindy-cat is too. She doesn't like to hang out with me when I smell, what a strange animal.

We took Wilson to the water fountain in the park! At first he did not like the idea very much, it was loud and new to him. Even so my mom got him to run under it a few times till his little tail started to wag and he was sloshing through the water on his own. All in all a good day for all three of us to enjoy the sun and have some fun together.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wow, thats kinda bright.

Mom has a digital camera... Oh no. There goes my days of privacy.... Oh well, all in the life of a good looking dude such as myself. For now I'll just play with the cat and hide from mommy when she has the flashy thing out.

Ps. Mom says her carpet isn't pink/purple. She still has to learn how the camera works. Whatever. Later days!!!