Saturday, June 26, 2010

You'll Be Missed, Gorgeous Sheba.

Sheba was one gorgeous pooch, and all the pictures I could find doesn't do her looks justice and even our Wilson knew it. He may have barked at her, but he was wagging his tail to let her know that he agreed that she was a very pretty lady.

Everyone in Wilsons family will miss her, just as we know that her mom and her little dog brother Fergus will miss her much more.

She was a great old dog and her mom Jayne always have so many great stories to tell us about Sheba's life. Such like times where even large dominant dogs like Rottweiler's would bow to Sheba and listen to her, or days where the backyard stunk so bad because Sheba liked to bury less-then-fresh leftovers and forget where she left her treasures. She lived the good life and shared her joys with all.

Sheba was there when we needed someone to be patience with Wilson and his loud barking, so we like to thank her and her mom for all they have done.

Goodbye Sheba.

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