Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm Famous and ready to go camping!

Todays veerrryyy busy around the house. Mom has been packing and digging strange new stuff up from the dark basement. What is this camping thing that the family is talk about? All this work just for this camping... Guess I'm going to find out since we are leave soon. Not all of us are going though, Mom says that Mindy is staying behind to watch over the house and uncle Teighe. Which is good I suppose since he needs to be watched but I'll miss my complicated friend, and I will not see her for two weeks. Sad face. I hope camping doesn't hurt, or that its not something like the cone...The cone was on for almost two weeks too....Uggh, the cone. That was undignifying that was. But I digress from the real important tail wagging news that I wish to share!

A locate pet store has dedicated a section of their store to the ruggedly handsome me! Now everyone that shops there will be able to have a chance to look at a picture of me and all my favorite things! Here is a look at my area, Mom says forgive her if the picture looks weird and bright, the flash decided that it wanted to go off. And just in case you wanted to see my picture a little bit better (which come on! You really do!) Here is my pretty mug shot too.

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