Friday, December 31, 2010

Our 2011 New Year Resolutions!

This year I plan on following through with all my resolutions and I put some thought into them to make sure I plan only possible things. Lol or should be possible, oh and right at this moment I will most likely be partying it up, so thank goodness for schedules posting! Here are my three resolutions I am making right now, at midnight, in regards to Wilson and the pet world.

1. Wilson has to lose weight. I just weighed him at 20.4 pounds, I'm no vet or breed specialist but thats a lot for a tweenie dachshund. I have my grandma staying with my family right now and she has a bad habit of feeding him (in good grandma fashion I suppose) a little extra from her plate when no one is looking. I will prescribe more walkies I guess.

2. To solve or at least limit his 'fear-aggression' and his over the top house protectiveness. Fear aggression just takes time, training, consistency and patience. My friends say he is already noticeably better then last year which I am thankful for, but I want him to trust more in me and be less afraid of people and other dogs, whether inside the house or out.

3. Next year I want to be able to help out a shelter and be a doggie foster parent (Number 2 resolution has to be mostly complete for this to happen. I want Wilson to be a den dad to any fosters I take and he needs to be able to accept another dog in our home). I already have done my research and have picked out three possible shelters, everything else must come together now.

So Wilson, what about you? What are your New Years resolutions?


First off, I had no idea what these resolutions are. Second off I'm not fat! OUTRAGE!

Anyways, I asked Mindy the cat what these resolutions are and she in all her catwisdom told me they are a goal that humans set for themselves that they normally break or forget and don't complete by the next month. Very odd, but oh wells. So here I go.

1. I will loose weight.

2. I will not bark at these strangers at the door even when mom tells me to stop.

3. I will stop bothering Mindy.

4. I will loose a large amount of body fat, this will be done by not giving the 'Im starving so feed me' look to everyone that I'm not barking it.

4. I will no longer sneak into the kitchen when no one is looking and try to steal things off the counter or vacuum up any dropped food on the floor.

Yup I already foresee this being a great year

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weiner and Kitty-Cat: Our Chrismas photo's....GrumbleGrumble

I'm shocked to see that mom has yet to post my pictures up. For shame! Although she has been busy with the large amount of family members that suddenly dropped by through out the week. I've been busy too, busy barking at them and making sure they know that this is MY place, that that is MY floor and how dare they touch MY cat?!?! But see heres the thing, I remembered about this post, mom didn't. I win! Now look at my wonderful pictures and some of the gifts I got this season.

Now arn't I just darlin'? Though I disliked having to wear the sweater...I mean I reallllllllly disliked having to wear it.

These are some of the treats I got for x-mas! Ohh trust me when I say they are very yummy. Mom also wants me to tell you that I have hardly put a dent in the megabone! Ohh dog that things bigger then my head! But don't worry I have made it my mission to whittle that thing down to nothing.

Haha! And here is Mindy! Mom decided it would not be fair that I have to wear the ribbon the whole time so Mindy had to walk around with it as well! (Chelsea's Note: I call Mindy a princess, but she handles dressing up better and with more dignity then Wilson does! Fancy that)
Meh, whatever mom.
Bark with you all later
Wilson the Great and Totally Handsome.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Howllidaysss!

Hey all, just thought I'd drop you a line and say happy holidays from Wilson and me! Right now the little fat sausage is sulking in a corner cause he can't open his gifts yet. Well....That may not be the main reason to I suppose. I did dress him up in a green sweater and a red ribbon, that might be why he is giving everyone the sad eyes. Oh look, hes doing it now. BOL!

Me: Buck up Wilson! Just till pictures are done and over with. I promise.

Pupson: *sad eyes times 10*

Me: I promise! Really!

Pupson: *Walks over to Chelsea's Mom and Grandmom and tries the sad eyes on them*

Mom and GrandMom: AWWWWWWWW!!!! He is just darling!

Pupson: *huffs and lays down. Occasionally gets up and give mom the sad eyes then start at the box full of dog x-mas goodies then lays down again*

Yup thats pretty much what just happened, oh what a dog I have! Anyways, we wish you a happy holiday fun time. I'll post pictures on boxing day.
Later Gators!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hey, A post and a Wilson Video!!

Well I got some good news and great news and even better news for all my blog readers. Firstly our Secret Santa package has been opened and from the looks of it the items are well loved. If your interested in knowing who we bought for, what we got them and how much they loved it then click this link HERE which will take you to their blog. Secondly I AM ON MY WINTER BREAK! I now have a whole lot of time on my hands cause I'm out of school for a bit. No one wants to read about how excited I am about this but I just had to say it. This also means that I have been able to spend more time with my furry wiener dog. He loves it even more then I do!

And for the even better news..I have something to blog about besides all the snow. Heh, its great and all but I bet reading about blah blah snow this and blah blah snow that gets boring. I'm bad... As Wilson would say BOL! So here is a mini movie of Wilson and his crazy light chasing, I hope you get some good laughs from it.
Oh and if we all get too busy this upcoming week then I just want you all to know I wish you a happy holiday time. Enjoy your fur babies, doggie pals, cat lap warmers or whatever kind of animal you may have at home!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

Wilson and Chelseas Tips for Beating the Winter Blues
aka some fun examples of what we do during the boring winter months where outside playtime is limited to us)

1. We do a lot of running in the house, like insane running. I chase him, he chases me, sometimes a few object like to fall off tables etc. It surprising how much navigating a house and running at full speed tires one self and ones dog. Do house marathons.

2. Curl up on the couch and read a good book together, this way we share each others warmth and get to spend time together. Hurray!

3. The cat, both a source of warmth (when she allows it) and entertainment.

4. Outside walks have become limited to when its not windy and really cold out, but indoor walkies at petstores have increased. So have the amount of dog toys and treats. Straaaannnge. New toys also helps beat down the boring winter blues.

5. Winter seems to be turning into the time where Wilson learns more tricks. Some we teach him like circle, ignore food, jump between my legs and roll. Others he learns himself like, lets remove things from moms purse and bring it to her (papers, wallet, or sometimes feminine products which is embarrassing and funny when companies over), or nosing the leash hanging from the wall means walkies (though I think that is Wilson training me =/ mhmmm). Winter time is the best time for indoor doggie learning.

(taken from my comment on one of Corgi Butts posts)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wilson the Dashing Dachshund Dashing Through the Snow...

Here's the video that I blogged about earlier, the one from last year that inspired the name for the blog, perfect for winter might I add! And the lovely songstress is my mother, isn't she great? I'm in the background snorting as I try to not laugh when Wilson jumped and went in over his head in the snow. And he did this a few times during our walk that day! What an interesting pup I have.