Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #7: Hey that's not me!

Wilson: New Photo Hunt Guys! Ohh I wonder who is my look alike! Post da Picture mom. Dooo iiittt!

Wilson: What? That looks nothing like me?!?!
Chelsea: Whatever are you talking about pupson?

Wilson: Thats a wheelie thingie....

Chelsea: Nop, its your look alike.
Wilson: how?
Chelsea: Its has a long body, red colored and very very very loud and flashy when it wants to be.
Wilson: *whines*

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wilson and The Woofles Pack: Dog Park Day

Mom would like me to let all you readers know that she is sorry for the lack of posts and the delay. Me and life are sucking up her time, but we do appreciate your comments and Mom reads every one to me! We wish that blogger was like facebook so you all would know when we respond to your comments, but sadly this isn't so. So thank you friends, know that we adore when you leave us comments!
As for the dog park party..It was great! Its nice to walk around with a bunch of dogs at your side in comparison to just going to the dog park and walking around with just mom and me, plus I'm in love with Cookie, the older dalmatian gal. She's the next being I would follow if mom was not around. If any of you wish to take a look at the rest of the pictures mom took that day, here's the link to her facebook album.

Have a good week everyone!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Doggie Award~

I has won a Blogging Award?! Sooooo coooooolll! Thank you Texas! I'm just so excited that I had to run and tell Mindy-kitty right away!!!

As you can see she was no very pleased with my belly showing, tail wagging, barking excitement. Oh wells! On to the rules of the award! Ahem. I have to tell you all seven things about me and then share this award with other blogging anipals. So here I go!
1. I like to lick mom's nostrils when I get really excited and happy with her. (aka when she wakes up, or when she comes home from a long day, even if she doesn't like it)
2. I have reptile siblings, strange I know. They are only 6 inches big and yet they are older then me?! Whats with that? And why can't I play with them? Rantrantrantrantrantrant.
3. I happen to like beagles, whenever I see beagles at the dog park I have to go over for a careful sniff.
4. If the grass gets to long (not that mom seems to be able to understand that the length I dislike seems to differ all the time) I will not go to the bathroom. Instead I will take forever to search out a section of grass that is shorter.
5. I once snuck past grandma when it was hailing and had a ball chasing the ice around as it fell. (dont worry, we got him back inside before he could be hit, thank goodness!)
7. I like roast beef.
I feel like I'm sharing things with the Paparazzi, so does that make my followers stalkers? I am famous after all (Chelsea Note: Only in his own mind)
And now to share:
  • Max the Quilt Cat (Cause he is my good kitty friend, you really should go visit his blog. GoGoGoGoGo!)
  • Baxter the Dachshund (His was the first Dachshund blog that me and mom read, we love him and his owner! There's always cool videos, neat pictures and stories to enjoy!)
  • Alven, Dottie and Flash (Cause they are all cute puppies)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Moms back in Uni...Univort..... Ummm... UniWoofity. (Chelsea's Note: He means University)
And all you pups, kitties and others must know how it feels when your owners go off to school, work or just plain gone. She did work full time before but schools different, there's this thing called homework (BLEH) which takes up some of MY time with her. That and mom's still working part time to keep me and the others fed (Like she should, I am after all a Dashing Prince) I mean I do have Mindy-Kitty to keep me company but sometimes/most of the time she doesn't want to hang out.
And the scaley ones? They hang out in their glass kennels in a room that is closed off from me. I think its cause mom doesn't want Mindy to knock over their heat lamp, silly Mindy.
I repeat, Bleh.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #4 Your Bed

This weeks Anipal photo hunt is all about our little four legged buddies special beds. So without any further a-do here is Wilson and his sleeping places.

Why Hellllloooo Ladies......

Let me show you the place does celebrities on MTV's Cribs say it? Where the magic happens? .....I don't understand this quote but if thats what celebrites say then thats what I shall say. I am Dashing after all, right females?
Anyways, because I'm dashing, cute and very spoiled I happen to have more then one bed in the house. I favor none of them over the other so get ready for a few pictures. The first happens to be my newest bed mentioned in this post. Bought it at Petsmart, very comfy.

The next location is mums bed! The rules that Cokie the Cat laid down for this photo hunt was to not include our mums bed unless we sleep on it. Well I do and so does Mindy-kitty, more often then we should be allowed. Remember though, I'm spoiled.

The next bed here is my green X-Gear, or at least thats what mum thinks it is called. Its great to take out and use outside without worrying about it getting stained. Apparently its easy to clean. Meh, I like it either way.

Here is my blanket that I have had ever since I was an 8 month old pup, when mum first resqued me. Sadly its getting full of holes, I'm really not sure why. Grannie tells me its cause I chew on it alot. MEH.

And of course I couldn't forget about Mindy-kitty! We both like to use all my beds when we feel like it but Mindy has her own bed.

This is Mindy's humble catpost with the best view of the house....... She doesn't share...
Sad puppy eyes.

For more information check out Cokies blog ( Or Anipals(
(Sorry! Right now Moms having problems with getting the Blog Hop code up so everyone can see the other pets entered in the Photo Hunt. Again, Sorry!)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless (not true) Wednesday

Mom bought me a new bed and toy, cause a dog always needs plenty of sleeping options and toys to de-squeaker.
Lookie, they even match!
Let me just flip this toy over so mom can take a picture

Have a good Wednesday paw-friends!
(yes, even though mom was late posting yet again, bad mom.)