Monday, September 6, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #4 Your Bed

This weeks Anipal photo hunt is all about our little four legged buddies special beds. So without any further a-do here is Wilson and his sleeping places.

Why Hellllloooo Ladies......

Let me show you the place does celebrities on MTV's Cribs say it? Where the magic happens? .....I don't understand this quote but if thats what celebrites say then thats what I shall say. I am Dashing after all, right females?
Anyways, because I'm dashing, cute and very spoiled I happen to have more then one bed in the house. I favor none of them over the other so get ready for a few pictures. The first happens to be my newest bed mentioned in this post. Bought it at Petsmart, very comfy.

The next location is mums bed! The rules that Cokie the Cat laid down for this photo hunt was to not include our mums bed unless we sleep on it. Well I do and so does Mindy-kitty, more often then we should be allowed. Remember though, I'm spoiled.

The next bed here is my green X-Gear, or at least thats what mum thinks it is called. Its great to take out and use outside without worrying about it getting stained. Apparently its easy to clean. Meh, I like it either way.

Here is my blanket that I have had ever since I was an 8 month old pup, when mum first resqued me. Sadly its getting full of holes, I'm really not sure why. Grannie tells me its cause I chew on it alot. MEH.

And of course I couldn't forget about Mindy-kitty! We both like to use all my beds when we feel like it but Mindy has her own bed.

This is Mindy's humble catpost with the best view of the house....... She doesn't share...
Sad puppy eyes.

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Raven, Thor and Rio said...

Where da magic happens - LOVE IT!!

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Wow Wilson you and Mindy have the best beds... Beautiful array of sleeping possibilities. Great pictures..... Have a great day, pal!

kalyxcorn said...

hee, how cool. mom has always wanted to do a cribs video but she's been too busy making stuff - what up wit dat? cuz i just loved seeing where u hang out! -b.

Sandra said...

We agree that multiple beds is a must have. We also consider our Mom and Dad's bed more ours than theirs. We like to share though so we sometimes let them sleep on the edge.

Flash, Alven and Dottie

Kolo Martin said...

Everyone has so many beds I'm impressed yours look very snug!