Sunday, September 12, 2010

Doggie Award~

I has won a Blogging Award?! Sooooo coooooolll! Thank you Texas! I'm just so excited that I had to run and tell Mindy-kitty right away!!!

As you can see she was no very pleased with my belly showing, tail wagging, barking excitement. Oh wells! On to the rules of the award! Ahem. I have to tell you all seven things about me and then share this award with other blogging anipals. So here I go!
1. I like to lick mom's nostrils when I get really excited and happy with her. (aka when she wakes up, or when she comes home from a long day, even if she doesn't like it)
2. I have reptile siblings, strange I know. They are only 6 inches big and yet they are older then me?! Whats with that? And why can't I play with them? Rantrantrantrantrantrant.
3. I happen to like beagles, whenever I see beagles at the dog park I have to go over for a careful sniff.
4. If the grass gets to long (not that mom seems to be able to understand that the length I dislike seems to differ all the time) I will not go to the bathroom. Instead I will take forever to search out a section of grass that is shorter.
5. I once snuck past grandma when it was hailing and had a ball chasing the ice around as it fell. (dont worry, we got him back inside before he could be hit, thank goodness!)
7. I like roast beef.
I feel like I'm sharing things with the Paparazzi, so does that make my followers stalkers? I am famous after all (Chelsea Note: Only in his own mind)
And now to share:
  • Max the Quilt Cat (Cause he is my good kitty friend, you really should go visit his blog. GoGoGoGoGo!)
  • Baxter the Dachshund (His was the first Dachshund blog that me and mom read, we love him and his owner! There's always cool videos, neat pictures and stories to enjoy!)
  • Alven, Dottie and Flash (Cause they are all cute puppies)


Max the Quilt Cat said...

OMC!!!! Wilson... thank you so much for naming me for the award. Woo-Eeeeee... what an exciting thing. You are so nice to do that. I'll go add that to my blog right now. *pawhugs*

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Ohhhhh and congratulations on your award. Your blog is so nice with great pictures... Very deserving. I can see why you were rolling on the floor.....

Texas The Doxie said...

hee hee bubbles won't go on da grass either if its wet or long. me? I don't even care

Snoop&Emily said...

thanks for sharing all the nice facts about you :). found your dog via blog hop and maybe we get friends :). love your blog, you really deserved the award!


(PS: when you might visit our blog please don't get confused by all the german - we have a translator on the right side of our blog =) ).