Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We are back!

....And have been for over a week since we have been back from camping but things are busy at home so mom says sorry for not blogging!

Camping was so much fun! I was able to do so many new things, my tail was almost wagging the whole two weeks! I got to be off leash to follow my nose where ever I want, though not far from my family. There was big dogs around and I was careful to make sure I got more love and petting then they did. There was much to do and I have been able to keep so busy doing such things like....

Digging up mole holes. Mom told me they were old and nothing was there anymore, but because I keep staring mom finally gave me the 'go ahead'. She was right of course, I couldn't find anything. =(

We also went on a tram, it was scary but interesting to look out the window at all that fast deep water. I was worried, but mom had a hold of me.

I got to see the sky turn some strange colors, and got to watch mom trying to take pictures of the sunset with interest.

Here's a picture of me after I tried helping mom and G-ma pan for gold. I got really wet with water up my nose. And I don't have chicken feet in this picture. I Do Not!

I also got to carry around a big stick, all princes need a big stick.
As for the reason we have been to busy to post.....We are moving! The past week and a half have been spent packing and cleaning the house for new owners! I of course have been making sure that nothing important like my treats have been packed up, and that I am still allowed on a bed every night.

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