Friday, July 30, 2010

Stop! Mango Time!

So the past few days have been both busy and hot! Between 5 people living in the house with the addition of a dog and a cat, well..... The place gets messy and always needs to be extremely clean and tidied at the end of the day or before a viewing. This is to make sure that anyone coming to view the house will see it how we want them to see it; a nice happy family home that they just HAVE to buy. Wilson of course just finds the changes and the busy bee attitude entertaining and likes to follow everyone around to see what they might be doing at that time and if he could lend a royal paw. This past day though he was sitting on the tile floor to stay cool and staring at me with his big puppy eyes, just to let me know how bored he was.
It was to hot out to take him for a walk and he was just so patience all day that I wanted to do something special for him. The plan was to take him bobbing for hot dogs but unfortunately as soon as we stepped out into the yard a extremely large swarm of mosquito's attacked (there is three times as many this year compared to the last) so I was forced inside and so was my redhead pup. Instead I decided to use other blog writers great ideas, give him something frozen! We tried ice cubes before but aside from licking and swatting away, Wilson had no interest. This time I used frozen mango and it was an instant hit with my furry friend! Wilson would walk around with it in his mouth, till it was completely thawed before chowing down. All in all, a good day.

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