Thursday, November 18, 2010

Edmonton Humane Society Pawdcast- Another way rescues and shelters can advertise, inform and connect!

Hey guys, I'm really excited about this bit of new that I had to post it(even if I'm in class, hehe oops!). One of the Rescue/Humane groups that I check out often (I look at their website and follow their twitter, donate...etc) have started a Pawdcast, the first to do so in Canada! What a way to advertise, connect, inform and get the populations interest!

Its great that they are 'thinking out of the box' and using web 2.0 technologies to connect to more people and get them aware of just what they do and why!
If you have time please take a look, even if you are from the states.
(It does repeat about a minute in the leah training section, thats due to the pawdcast being recorded live. Stuff happens =D )

EHS Pawdcast - Episode 1 from fusedlogic TV on Vimeo.


Max the Quilt Cat said...

What a wonderful thing that is. I love that you have a Pawdcast. I wish the SPCA of North Brevard would do that too. Maybe someday soon. Thanks for the idea...

Have a great day...

pawhugs, Max

Mariodacat said...

that is a super idea. Too bad our shelters here in the US don't clamp on to that idea.

Peanut said...

I finally realized that you left a comment on my blog and I follow your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful notion. Whatever it takes and whatever tools present themselves to spread the word -- it' got to be a good thing.
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