Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy All Hallow's Eve!.....

..Or whatever today is called! So mum had a hard time finding a good unique costume for me (you know, the whole short stubby legs and long body made it hard) so she gave up. Instead she found this little hood? Hat? thing? From last year. Arn't I cuuuute? Get ready for tons of cute pictures kay?

Mindy? Do you wanna try my cute costume? Here let me help you get dis little hood on.

Not to shabby hey? Maybe Mindu should wear this one mum. I have a better idea for me...

I am Royalty after all.

And heres the pumpkin mum carved for me! She wanted to do a dachshund but didn't find any templates till after she carved up this one of Zero from nightmare before christmas.

Enjoy your holiday and have toooons of treats!

(not the bad candy kind though!)


kalyxcorn said...


Life with 5 dogs said...

Cute Picture!
Happy Halloween, we sure hope you get lots of yummy treats!
Your Friends

Twix said...

I was subjected to the dreaded costume as well. Looks like you were a better doxie than I was ;o)
I hope you got loads of treats today! Happy Howlowiener!

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Great costume and so nice that you and Mindy can share. Happy Halloween pal... Hope you get some treats...

pawhugs... Max

Paige said...

That first picture just kills me. Found your blog through Bender's, and now I'm following. My Corgi puppy Dexter has his own blog too!