Monday, October 11, 2010

Wilson (aka the pup that harasses Mom)

Wilson: Hey..hey, whatcha dooing? Can I help, look I'm helping. LOOK AT ME! *jumps all over* Jumping fun mom. See? I sure do like hoping everywhere. Hey, hello, hi! I think I'm hungry...*trots off to check food bowl, which is empty.* MOOOOMM FEED MEEE! *brings food bowl over and starts running around* Stop with your taptaptaping on the computer, I'm right here. No I do not want grandma to play with me *walks away from grandma*. No I do not want Mindy. *Ignores Kitty-cat and stares at mom*

Chelsea: *attempts to ignore pupson and work on her paper*

Wilson: *sighs and lays down*

Chelsea: *Feels bad, invites the fat sausage up onto couch. Continues where she lefts off once Wilson is settled*

Wilson: Hey Hey mom, whats that on the screen? *puts head on laptop* Wooooww, look at all them words you are typing. Can I.....Can I lick them? *attempts to lick screen, screen now has dog slobber on it*

Chelsea: ....

Wilson: *big puppy eyes* You look stressed, Study Break?

Chelsea: *grumbles* You win.


Grandma: *laughs like crazy in the background*

....True story....


Snoop&Emily said...

how cute :)! snoop also hates it sometimes ,when i taptap on my computer instead of playing with him all day long. big drama ;)!
have a great day!


Max the Quilt Cat said...

Great post... Hee Hee... I think YOU'VE GOT Chelsea's number Wilson. Glad you got your walk. Have a pawsome day. Max

Texas The Doxie said...

Woohoo Go WilsoN!!

Sandra said...

Haha. Yes, that sounds very familiar. All my pups are also poor attention starved orphans who never think they've had enough play time. Keep up the good work Wilson!

Doxie Rod said...

wilson definitely knows how to get what he wants!! i always give in too, how can we resist those eyes??

kalyxcorn said...

oh yeah, I totally believe it! :)

Michelle said...

Your dog is the cutest!! I love weiner dogs!! ^_^