Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mums back! (and The Anipal Photo Hunt)

She came home! And then she put her stuff away and didn't give me treats,pets or lovings, sadface. Then she let me out to the bathroom so I wouldn't have an happy excited accident on the carpet. Then she picked me up and gave me the love that I rightly deserved!Finally! I repaid her negligence by giving her lots of kissed and love nips, most aimed at her nostrils. I've noticed this is a great place to lick fellow paw friends, give it a try and watch your parents reaction. Its a great hoot.
Next up! Anipals Photo Hunt!

This weeks theme is 'My favorite toy'

To which Wilsons response would be Mindy, the cat. But we both don't think that counts. So its was a tie between Wilsons Sharkie, or his squeaker blanket. Unfortunately Sharkie ran away somewhere and if hiding so blanket it is!

"Mom...Mom can I play now? Pleaaaasssseeee!!!"
Wilson could hardly sit still for a picture, he was that excited and ready to play with me and his toy!

And then he proceeded to de-squeaker it. Sigh, to the pet store I go.

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Max the Quilt Cat said...

Hey there.... that blanket almost looks like a quilt. You know, I'm a little partial to quilts. I might have to borrow that from you someday. It's a pretty one.

Have a great day.

Cokie the Cat said...

I think I might like one of those myself - hey Max, we could fill it with nip!!