Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wilson reviews the can food Wingaling by Merrick

[ Please remember (in my opinion) that while most dogs love the taste of canned food it should almost never be used as the dogs staple meal- unless suggested by a vet. ]

Wilson has never had canned food before (well, not that I know of) and I had planned on never giving it to him either till a friend had pestered me to try Merricks. I trusted her opinion enough to give it a try. A day later I came home with Wingaling. Now I'm not an expert on canine nutrition, and even though I love Wilson, I will never be. So I'm not going to go into why this may or may not be good for your dog, this was just a treat for the willy-billy.

He liked it well enough, but not enough that I'd try it again. I've seen him get more excited over his dry kibble then this canned food. The only thing that he loved was the sauce, it was the first thing he licked up, the meat chunks next then the chicken wing (which was slow cooked and therefore not sharp and fragile as cooked chicken wings)

Wilson: I give Wingaling a 2 and a half tail wags, and a gassy moment or two later on.


Josalyne Laura Thornton-Dunn said...

I tried WingaLing for Winston and he LOVED it. He has never been so thrilled about food before.

Life With Dogs said...

Sounds like we can skip this one. Too bad - it has a memorable name! :)