Monday, August 23, 2010

Wilson and the Ice Cube Clean Up (the game)

Nothing exciting happened today, so instead I plugged in the camera and downloaded a few videos of wilson, and was suprised to find that not only did I not blog about this insodent, but I also didn't show this video even on facebook. (my dog is cute, I love to share everything about my dog. Course anyone reading this will understand!)

So one hot day I was making some ice cool drinks and dropped a large quiantity of ice on the ground. I have mentioned before that Wilson never seemed interested in ice cubes, so imagine my suprise at seeing 15lbs of pure dachshund and fur race into the kitchen and start knocking icecubes left,right and center!

As you can see he grabs as many as he can fit in his mouth then spits them all out to grab more. We had a good half hour fun of me rolling ice cubes along the floor and my little pup running around trying to collect them all together. Later on (not of video sadly) Wilson stares downstairs at the ice cube that vanished, and well for the rest of the day he would keep going back there to see if the ice cube somehow climbed back up the stairs for him to chase. Oh Wilson!!


Sharper said...

lol! My boston doesn't care for ice, but my Aussie LOVES ice! Every time he hears the freezer open, he runs in the kitchen and stares at the floor, just in case some ice falls out. He slides it all over the floor and chases it. It's a huge game, and then he eats it.

Your Daily Cute said...

This is so silly! And so cute. :)

PupChow said...

LOL! And the background music was perfect for the occasion!