Monday, August 16, 2010

The tale of Wilson and the cookie.

Whats that? Smells good.....Real good......Funny shape though mum.

I'm ok with the shape, it smells really good. Can I...? Possibly....Mayhaps.....No, never mind...

But it does look good..and you haven't fed me enough today...
Can I has the cookie?

Oh boy! She gave me the cookie!! Now I'm going to walk around the house, holding it till it gets nice and wet with my saliva!

Look at me! I look so cute with the teddy bear shape cookie in my mouth! And then BAM! Bam being the sound effect of my little heart when mummy gives you a gift and then I can't find the gift....

Personally I still think the thing in the basement stole it...But wait! Sharkie was keeping it safe under his flipper! Good boy Sharkie, now sit, staaaayyy. Yes! Good boooy, he did a trick!

Now I'm going to go and share it with Sharkie! Later days!
-munch munch-

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Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

Could this be any cuter? dogs and cookies - two of our favorites :) Glad to have stumbled upon your blog - looking forward to following wilson's adventures